The Big 50…
August 27, 2008, 10:30 am
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No I am not turning 50.  This is my 50th post on here.  I think it is sad that it is that low.  Hopefully now that I am in the office more I can get some blogs out.  Right now I just want to share what has been going on in my life.

1.  Right now Hannah and I are in the middle of a Daniel Fast.  We are just seeking God with everything in our life.  The Fostering deal is getting frustrating because we have been licensed for several weeks now with no phones at all about children.  We know that God wanted us to do this but it sucks waiting!  I am a very positive person and it has been hard to stay positive with this.  I am not that patient of a person.  I am a got to have it now kind of guy.  Right now though we are just seeking God’s will and asking him to put the right child with us.  We need your prayers.

2.  The youth room is done and we worship in there sunday night.  I am really excited because my brother in law Josh is going to be leading worship.  He is a very gifted person and is excited to get to lead again.  I know you have probably been wondering when I am going to post some pictures.  I plan on posted some next week.  Be ready!

3.  God has been calling me out on a lot of things lately.  I love the book of John (which is what I am reading during the fast) because it is pretty much written in red.  Jesus words have been speaking right into my heart.  

4.  I am speaking sunday at church. Please pray that it goes well and that God will move through the church and into the community.  I believe spiritual break through can happen if people jump on board with what I speak on.

5.  I have been planning what the youth are going to be doing this fall and winter.  I am really excited about some of the series that I am going to be speaking.  We have some really cool events too.  One that I am really excited about is the TOMS Party.  It is going to be really cool.

6.  Fuel is coming up and we may have one of the biggest groups that SC has ever had.  (I really am not sure of that so don’t hold me to that.)  We have 10 people coming so far.  Several of them are ministry students.  2 of them are ones that I am bringing.  I believe these students are going to do some amazing things.  Be ready CHURCH!