When it rains it pours
December 10, 2008, 10:37 am
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That is a saying that I heard a lot growing up.  My grandma used to say that from time to time. That is a statement I am using a lot right now.  Here is a run down on what is going on.

  1. Hannah is sick.  She has mononucleosis plus a cold.  She has not been able to go to work and Church (which is her work) in 2 weeks now.  When I took the vow to love her in sickness and in health this is what I sign on for.  I am learning a lot about love through this.  This is what is called unconditional love.  It is hard at times because I am having to get both her and our 7 year old what they need.  I did not realize how much Hannah does until now.  She is a blessing to me and  a lot of people.  I love her so much. Please lift her up in your prayers.
  2. Christmas Time.  Busy Busy Busy.  Somewhere a long the way in our history people thought it would be great to make Christmas all about gifts and stress everyone out with all the stopping.  I love Christmas.  I love the giving.  I love celebrating the Birth of OUR Savior!  but Christmas time is a busy time of the year.  We are throwing a big event to feed the needy in our community on Dec. 20 and I know the next 2 weeks are going to get even busier.  
  3. Our washer broke!  Our washer and dryer was given to us by Hannah’s aunt and uncle.  They had the washer and dryer for several years .  It has washed a lot of clothes.  It has been a great washer but it’s life has come to an end. RIP.  We had to buy another washer so we went ahead and bought a dryer with it.  My uncle works for Lowes and he hooked us up with a great deal on a front loader washers and dryer.  Even though it was a great deal, it still cost money.  The washer choice the wrong time to stop working.  It’s Christmas!  We have to spend a lot of money already! 

Please pray for us.  We don’t need anymore sickness.  We need Hannah to get to feeling better.  We don’t need to have to spend anymore money on things braking down.  I know it is life but it would be great if it picked a better time period to hit, not during the Christmas season.  

Know that We (my family) find our joy in knowing that we have a Father up in heaven who loves us and is looking over us!  We are celebrating what our Savior did for us!  

Hope everyone in blog land is doing great!