May 5, 2009, 10:05 pm
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twitterI am sure most of you that follow have been wondering what I have been up too.  Let’s just say “life has been crazy” is an under statement.  Crazy in a good way.  The Wilson family is growing.  The girls are keeping my life busy.  Church is picking up for summer with planning for summer camps and preparing for new service.  

I do have a way you can follow me.  I keep my twitter account updated regularly.  Check me out at  You can find out what makes me tick, what God is up too in my life, what makes me mad, where I am eating, what I am eating, etc.


When it rains it pours
December 10, 2008, 10:37 am
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That is a saying that I heard a lot growing up.  My grandma used to say that from time to time. That is a statement I am using a lot right now.  Here is a run down on what is going on.

  1. Hannah is sick.  She has mononucleosis plus a cold.  She has not been able to go to work and Church (which is her work) in 2 weeks now.  When I took the vow to love her in sickness and in health this is what I sign on for.  I am learning a lot about love through this.  This is what is called unconditional love.  It is hard at times because I am having to get both her and our 7 year old what they need.  I did not realize how much Hannah does until now.  She is a blessing to me and  a lot of people.  I love her so much. Please lift her up in your prayers.
  2. Christmas Time.  Busy Busy Busy.  Somewhere a long the way in our history people thought it would be great to make Christmas all about gifts and stress everyone out with all the stopping.  I love Christmas.  I love the giving.  I love celebrating the Birth of OUR Savior!  but Christmas time is a busy time of the year.  We are throwing a big event to feed the needy in our community on Dec. 20 and I know the next 2 weeks are going to get even busier.  
  3. Our washer broke!  Our washer and dryer was given to us by Hannah’s aunt and uncle.  They had the washer and dryer for several years .  It has washed a lot of clothes.  It has been a great washer but it’s life has come to an end. RIP.  We had to buy another washer so we went ahead and bought a dryer with it.  My uncle works for Lowes and he hooked us up with a great deal on a front loader washers and dryer.  Even though it was a great deal, it still cost money.  The washer choice the wrong time to stop working.  It’s Christmas!  We have to spend a lot of money already! 

Please pray for us.  We don’t need anymore sickness.  We need Hannah to get to feeling better.  We don’t need to have to spend anymore money on things braking down.  I know it is life but it would be great if it picked a better time period to hit, not during the Christmas season.  

Know that We (my family) find our joy in knowing that we have a Father up in heaven who loves us and is looking over us!  We are celebrating what our Savior did for us!  

Hope everyone in blog land is doing great!

Busy Life…
October 2, 2008, 9:15 am
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Life has been crazy!  Good crazy though.  

Here is what has been going down…

1.  Been in a series in youth group called Wii > Mii.  Very cool series.  I was able to share some things about how the church needs to come together and team up with Christ and not try to live life alone.  I really liked the series a lot.  I am working on putting it online to be an open source so other leaders can use it. 

2.  I have started to try to get out of the office more.  I hate the church office.  I like to be around people so I have tried to at least once a week go and hang out at a place and make that my office.  

3.  Last monday Hannah and I lead our foster daughter to Christ!  It was awesome.  She asked God to come and live in her heart.  Now I see why God brought her to us.  Through our love she was about to see the father’s love for her.  Now she is broken for her family and we are praying for them every night so that they will come to know Jesus and he can live in their hearts.  This is awesome stuff!!!

4.  Starting a new series up called “Fight Night” for the youth group on Sunday nights.  It is going to rock.  I am using key fights in the Bible to relate with the things that we battle with in our everyday lives.  It should be a great series.  More of a guy’s series but the ladies will be able to relate too.

5.  We are running 18 people on Sunday nights now!  We have seen 4 new faces in the past couple of weeks and they are excited and want to come back.  This is awesome to see.  I have been praying for this for a year now.  I fasted for this and we are seeing growth now.  Hannah and the children are too.  Fasting does allow God to do some awesome stuff.  Now the prayer is that they will live for Christ and grow in him.

6.  Hannah and I do a good job with our money.  I have always been a saver.  Now we are trying to save even more.  Not so we can be rich but so that we can give more.  We also have dreams and those dreams have to be funded.  

7.  I am reading a lot now.  I have been asked several times to do book reviews and I am currently reviewing the new book that hasn’t come out yet called “For Young Men Only”.  It is good stuff.  I wish I could have read it when I was in high school.

8.  I am working on possibly going to IWU for my masters.   They have an online masters program that I am looking into.  I hope to start it soon.  We will just have to see.  

Life has been busy but man I love it.  There is never a boring day!  I like to be busy doing things that I love!

The Big 50…
August 27, 2008, 10:30 am
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No I am not turning 50.  This is my 50th post on here.  I think it is sad that it is that low.  Hopefully now that I am in the office more I can get some blogs out.  Right now I just want to share what has been going on in my life.

1.  Right now Hannah and I are in the middle of a Daniel Fast.  We are just seeking God with everything in our life.  The Fostering deal is getting frustrating because we have been licensed for several weeks now with no phones at all about children.  We know that God wanted us to do this but it sucks waiting!  I am a very positive person and it has been hard to stay positive with this.  I am not that patient of a person.  I am a got to have it now kind of guy.  Right now though we are just seeking God’s will and asking him to put the right child with us.  We need your prayers.

2.  The youth room is done and we worship in there sunday night.  I am really excited because my brother in law Josh is going to be leading worship.  He is a very gifted person and is excited to get to lead again.  I know you have probably been wondering when I am going to post some pictures.  I plan on posted some next week.  Be ready!

3.  God has been calling me out on a lot of things lately.  I love the book of John (which is what I am reading during the fast) because it is pretty much written in red.  Jesus words have been speaking right into my heart.  

4.  I am speaking sunday at church. Please pray that it goes well and that God will move through the church and into the community.  I believe spiritual break through can happen if people jump on board with what I speak on.

5.  I have been planning what the youth are going to be doing this fall and winter.  I am really excited about some of the series that I am going to be speaking.  We have some really cool events too.  One that I am really excited about is the TOMS Party.  It is going to be really cool.

6.  Fuel is coming up and we may have one of the biggest groups that SC has ever had.  (I really am not sure of that so don’t hold me to that.)  We have 10 people coming so far.  Several of them are ministry students.  2 of them are ones that I am bringing.  I believe these students are going to do some amazing things.  Be ready CHURCH!

We are finished!
July 9, 2008, 9:47 am
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The lead test yesterday came back negative.  Thanks so much for your prayers.  So now what is next?

They are sending our stuff off to the state office.  Once the state has received that it takes about a week for us to becoming licensed foster parents.  Now the wait for a baby begins!

Life Update
July 8, 2008, 11:00 am
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Life has been really busy here lately.

The 2nd week in June I spent up at Table Rock Camp.  I love that place!  We put in a sand volley ball court.  It turned out really nice.  We also set up for the youth camps.  We had to set up for recreation and also set up the stage for the worship rallies.  I really think the stage turned out great and really created a great environment for experiencing God.  I couldn’t have done the stage design without the help of my great friends James Henderson, Brady, and several others.  

June 16 – 20 was middle school camp.  It was amazing.  Normally middle school is like the test drive for camp and high school is the best but this year I believe that changed.  We planned ahead and wanted to do our best to make both camps the best and give it all we had.  Christian Chapman did a great job of bringing the word of God and giving the students some things to make decisions about.  The students responses were so great.  Several gave their hearts to Christ.  Some laid down some things they have been holding onto that God wanted them to let go.  The students had a great time through out the camp doing things like going to the water park, sports, swimming in the lake, hanging with friends, making new friends, the gong show, etc.  We all had a great time.  I went up to several of the students and asked this question “What is the best thing you like about camp?”  I was thinking that most would say the games but most of their responses were “The rallies!”  That made me feel really good.  The kids come to the camp expecting God to move!  What would happen if people in church would have that mind set?

June 23 – 27 was High School camp.  Man it was awesome.  God showed up like crazy.  Both of the camps were the same.  God moved and the students lives were changed.  Derik Idol spoke and did a great job.  He talked about several things that have to do with FREE!  (Free was the theme of the camp.  Yes we stuck to the theme!)  Students were able to pray with their youth leader or youth pastor about the scars in their lives.  They were able to surrender the things they have been hanging on too.  My favorite part of this camp was Friday night where we baptized several students who accepted Christ that week.  It was an awesome way of ending camp.  These camps were the best camps I have ever been too and I have been to several.  God isn’t done with the SC district.  

After high school camp, Hannah and I headed down to St. Simons, GA, for a week long vacation with my family.  It was great.  I loved the place.  We had a pool at the house and I spent a lot of time there.  (I am not that big of a fan of the beach anymore.  One word SHARKS!)  

We are now back in town.  We are getting read for our lead test that is being done to our house.  This is the last thing to be done before we are approved to be foster parents!  We are so excited. Please pray that our house tests negative.  

I am also getting ready for Family camp.  It is going to be good.  Hannah and I are going to be in the worship band there.  I am also leading worship for the youth part.  I am working on a highlight video of camp to show at the camp.

That is it for now.  Hope everything is going well for everyone in the blog world. (I know a lot of people are getting sick around me.  Hannah is sick in bed now. Please pray for her.)

June 2, 2008, 5:16 pm
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Do to all the invites that have been filling up my inbox, I have decided to give this a try.  I like to try new things and I think this will help build relationships MAYBE!  We will see but anyways I am giving it a shot.  Keep up with what is happening in my life by following me on twitter.  Click Here to follow.