Jesus Loves me this I know
January 28, 2009, 10:32 am
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That song is one that I can remember singing as a child in church and at home.  I loved that song.  I still think it is one of the best song even though it is a little childish :).  It is so Biblical.  Jesus love us all!  He proved himself to me when he showed me what he had to do for me because of my wrong doings.  I wasn’t worthy of that but he did it out of his love for me and everyone else.  Oh how he loves you and me…

Do you know that he loves you?

Are you showing that love to others?

Jesus loves us and we are to love others.


Homeless Ministry
January 27, 2009, 10:59 am
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This past Saturday, Warehouse Student Ministries went to feed the homeless in downtown Seneca.  We had over 20+ people with us (which included parents and students.)  We feed 59 people that day.  Josh Dawalt opened us up with a few songs.  Then I brought the word.  I shared a sermon on God’s love for us all.  Everyone responded well.  5 that I know of made some kind of a decision to follow God!

My favorite time that day was when I was speaking when an africian american gangsta home dawg named Nate was saying “Dawg! Me and my family will do it right now!”  He was talking about accepting Christ!  After I spoke he came forward and some others and we prayed with them to recieve Chirst.  I found out later Nate has several different problems going on in his life and they have been working on him for weeks but he has been pushing them away.  This past Saturday was the first time he has ever responded to God!  That is awesome!  God showed up in amazing ways Saturday.

That is what it is all about!  Serving the “least of these” is serving Jesus!  To God be the glory for it all!

Here is some pictures…