I Was Broke Now I’m Not – Book Review
September 17, 2008, 11:36 am
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I just finished the book “I Was Broke Now I’m Not” by Joseph Sangl.  He is a pastor at NewSpring Church.  He has helped several people become debt free.  It was an “EZ” read. (If you read it you will understand the pun behind EZ)  Hannah and I have benefited from this book.  We are doing really good with our money and save a good amount but this book helped us lay out a budget and a plan so that we know where I money is going. 

Here is what will happen if you read this book…

1.  Form a monthly budget

2.  Form a weekly budget

3.  Get several budgeting tips

4.  Understand the best way to save

5.  Debt Freedom (Most people need this!)

6.  Understand investment and compound interest

7.  Understand Insurance

If you make money then you need to read this book. (that pretty much covers everyone)  We need to take control of our money so that 40 years from now or whenever you are at an age were you need to slow down and retire you will have money!  We will be able to go for our dreams, give more, and live in peace!  God wants us to be great stewards of our money.  Let’s all do that.


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Thanks so much for the kind review! Just to let folks know, I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. can be purchased via my website.

Thanks so much!

Comment by Joseph Sangl

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