Fasting – Book Review
July 24, 2008, 9:45 am
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Jentezen Franklin is one amazing dude.  He is the pastor of Free Chapel in GA.  Through this book, I understand why God has been blessing his life and the life of his church.  

About a month ago, I felt like God was telling me that I needed to fast.  I have never done a Biblical fast before.  I looked into it and came across this book.  One reason for reading it was because I didn’t want to harm my body and it walks you through ways to avoid that.  The book talks about different fast that are Biblical.  It also talks about men and women of the Bible who fast and God done same awesome things through their fast.  I learnt a lot about why God calls us to Fast in Matthew 6:16-18.  It isn’t an option to fast or not.  It is a discipline of a Christian.  

I am by no means boosting about myself.  I want to seek God with all I have and I think that when you fast that is what you are doing.  I hope you (Followers of Christ) will fast and seek God with all that you are.  I encourage you to read this book.  It is a great read and I learnt so much about this subject that I did not have a clue about before.


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