Environment is important
July 30, 2008, 9:45 am
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I have been in youth ministry for a long time.  I remember when I was in school and my youth group meet in a room with white walls and the size of maybe a bed room.  It was one of the worst learning environments I have ever been in.

Then I remember when I started going to another youth group in 11th grade and we meet in the basement of the church.  The ceiling was out and the walls were painting blue.  There were several really cool designs on the wall.  I remember the first time I went and I was blown away.  I learnt so much in that environment.

I did an internship with Kris Leroy one summer.  I love the youth room at Rushwood Park.  It is in the old sanctuary but it doesn’t look like an old sanctuary.  He had blue and black cloth hanging from the walls.  He had other things on the wall that gave it a cool effect.  He had a setting area with a snack shop.  I use to go in there during the summer just to read and study because I loved it so much.  

If an environment is comfortable and appealing to the eye then better learning can take place.  If a youth room is colorful but not to bright and the mood is right it can create a great worship environment.  I am going for that in the youth room that we meet in now.  I want the youth to come in and learn about God and also feel comfortable worshipping God whatever why they want.  Before the youth room was white walls with a bunch of out dated posters.  I wanted to change that and make it more youthful.  So far the youth love what is going on with the new design.  I can’t wait until we get in there and can worship together.  I would love to show you pictures but I want you to see the complete project.  Stay tuned and you will see.


Fasting – Book Review
July 24, 2008, 9:45 am
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Jentezen Franklin is one amazing dude.  He is the pastor of Free Chapel in GA.  Through this book, I understand why God has been blessing his life and the life of his church.  

About a month ago, I felt like God was telling me that I needed to fast.  I have never done a Biblical fast before.  I looked into it and came across this book.  One reason for reading it was because I didn’t want to harm my body and it walks you through ways to avoid that.  The book talks about different fast that are Biblical.  It also talks about men and women of the Bible who fast and God done same awesome things through their fast.  I learnt a lot about why God calls us to Fast in Matthew 6:16-18.  It isn’t an option to fast or not.  It is a discipline of a Christian.  

I am by no means boosting about myself.  I want to seek God with all I have and I think that when you fast that is what you are doing.  I hope you (Followers of Christ) will fast and seek God with all that you are.  I encourage you to read this book.  It is a great read and I learnt so much about this subject that I did not have a clue about before.

SC Family Camp
July 19, 2008, 10:20 am
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Hannah and I have been here at Table Rock Wesleyan Camp for another week and it has been great.  I have never been to a family camp before.  It is really fun getting to know people that I don’t know to well.  Here is my views from family camp.

1.  Buddy is a great leader.  He has done a great job heading up this district.  (I don’t want his job.)

2.  I love building relationships and family camp is a great place to do that.  

3.  Most churches don’t come out and take advantage of this camp during this time. (My church included.  Which is sad.)

4.  The speakers this week have been great. (John Ott and Joe Dongell for the evening rallies/adult tracks.  Youth rally – Matt Lidis, Adam Robbins and Jody Reynolds).  

5.  I have really enjoyed playing in the band and hearing Hannah sing too.  These people are great to work with.

6. Last night was youth night at the evening rally.  I  lead worship and it was amazing to see the teens getting into worship and looking back and seeing 50, 60, 70, 80…year olds getting into it too.  I love worship like that.  The night was amazing.  The testimonies were right on point.  I know that the people really enjoyed seeing what went on at youth camp this year.  You have to get excited about it once you see and hear what went on!

7. I love Table Rock!

If you are in SC you need to be here!  Welcome Wesleyan Church, you need to be here!

We are finished!
July 9, 2008, 9:47 am
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The lead test yesterday came back negative.  Thanks so much for your prayers.  So now what is next?

They are sending our stuff off to the state office.  Once the state has received that it takes about a week for us to becoming licensed foster parents.  Now the wait for a baby begins!

Life Update
July 8, 2008, 11:00 am
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Life has been really busy here lately.

The 2nd week in June I spent up at Table Rock Camp.  I love that place!  We put in a sand volley ball court.  It turned out really nice.  We also set up for the youth camps.  We had to set up for recreation and also set up the stage for the worship rallies.  I really think the stage turned out great and really created a great environment for experiencing God.  I couldn’t have done the stage design without the help of my great friends James Henderson, Brady, and several others.  

June 16 – 20 was middle school camp.  It was amazing.  Normally middle school is like the test drive for camp and high school is the best but this year I believe that changed.  We planned ahead and wanted to do our best to make both camps the best and give it all we had.  Christian Chapman did a great job of bringing the word of God and giving the students some things to make decisions about.  The students responses were so great.  Several gave their hearts to Christ.  Some laid down some things they have been holding onto that God wanted them to let go.  The students had a great time through out the camp doing things like going to the water park, sports, swimming in the lake, hanging with friends, making new friends, the gong show, etc.  We all had a great time.  I went up to several of the students and asked this question “What is the best thing you like about camp?”  I was thinking that most would say the games but most of their responses were “The rallies!”  That made me feel really good.  The kids come to the camp expecting God to move!  What would happen if people in church would have that mind set?

June 23 – 27 was High School camp.  Man it was awesome.  God showed up like crazy.  Both of the camps were the same.  God moved and the students lives were changed.  Derik Idol spoke and did a great job.  He talked about several things that have to do with FREE!  (Free was the theme of the camp.  Yes we stuck to the theme!)  Students were able to pray with their youth leader or youth pastor about the scars in their lives.  They were able to surrender the things they have been hanging on too.  My favorite part of this camp was Friday night where we baptized several students who accepted Christ that week.  It was an awesome way of ending camp.  These camps were the best camps I have ever been too and I have been to several.  God isn’t done with the SC district.  

After high school camp, Hannah and I headed down to St. Simons, GA, for a week long vacation with my family.  It was great.  I loved the place.  We had a pool at the house and I spent a lot of time there.  (I am not that big of a fan of the beach anymore.  One word SHARKS!)  

We are now back in town.  We are getting read for our lead test that is being done to our house.  This is the last thing to be done before we are approved to be foster parents!  We are so excited. Please pray that our house tests negative.  

I am also getting ready for Family camp.  It is going to be good.  Hannah and I are going to be in the worship band there.  I am also leading worship for the youth part.  I am working on a highlight video of camp to show at the camp.

That is it for now.  Hope everything is going well for everyone in the blog world. (I know a lot of people are getting sick around me.  Hannah is sick in bed now. Please pray for her.)