Monday Morning Brain Dump
May 26, 2008, 9:33 am
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  1. Our attendance for youth group was pretty good seeing that it was a holiday.  I talked about relationships and how we all desire community.  I think the teens really got something out of it.  I got to share a lot about my friendships of the past and of the present.  
  2. Started something new with the teens..  When they are out of school like today I tell them the first person to give me a call or text me after 9:30am will get a free lunch on me.  I am excited to see the response.
  3. I know now why I am getting fat!  I am married to an awesome cook and we eat with the teens all the time after church.  (Got to love the hang time though.)
  4. What would Paul say to the Church in my location????
  5. Sometimes Christians get on my nerves.  Especially the ones who are concerned about the color of the walls in the church more than there are people in this community that are dying and going to HELL!
  6. I am reading another Andy Stanley book on Community now.  It is good.  I love the way he writes.
  7. The wall in my office is really white!  It doesn’t inspire creativity.  Any ideas to make it a better environment for creativity?
  8. I wish that ever teen that is connected to my church would start showing up for youth group!  If the parents would start teaching them that it is important to be apart of a group and grow in Christ with others then they probably would start coming.  I have tried and tried to get them to come.  It is like pulling teeth.
  9. Really debating on getting Wii Fit.  I need to be doing something to get fit.  It has been hard to stay healthy when I don’t play baseball or basketball every day anymore.
  10. I love my job! I love the teens I work with every week!
  11. We are remodeling the youth room!  I can’t wait.  It is going to look like a warehouse for real.  I think it will be a good change in the environment.  The teens will feel a lot more comfortable to worship, hang out, and grow in Christ.
  12. Alex Campbell won the free lunch.  He just texted me “I want the lunch dude!”  
That is it for my dumpage.

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I just wanted to let you know how you inspire me all the time to just get up and do stuff for God. You are a driven man and I thank you being a great friend to talk to and for giving all of us a Godly example to follow!

Good luck on everything going on, and I’ll see ya in SC!

Comment by christiann254

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