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May 6, 2008, 9:45 am
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I read a book called God’s Blogs last year and it was based on if God were to blog what would it be like.  It was a really good read.  It got me thinking about what would a modern day Pharisee’s blog would look like.

Here is how I think it would read…

Well it is sunday and I went to the same ole church and sat in the same ole pew.  I love MY church.  It was great seeing all my family and people just like me at MY church today.  I still can’t believe that guy with those ear rings came in a sat behind me today.  I wanted to get up and just kick him out but instead I just told me Mom that he needed to leave.  The pastor really preached it today.  I can’t remember what he really preached on but I know he was into it and it was out of the Old Testament so it had to be good.  

After church we went to our favorite place to eat.  The food was great as always.  I left the waitress a dollar for my 20 dollar meal and I feel good about it.  I think she will be bless by that because it looked to me that she was still a teenage and looked to be pregnant.  

I got home today at about 2 o clock and started surfing through the blog world and found out that the Rock and Roll church down the street lead 100 people to Christ today.  I don’t believe that is true.  They are preaching falsely.  I even hear the preacher wore sandals to church today and drove in on a motorcycle.  All I have to say is I am not going to give them my W2 like the rest of their church has to do to become a member.  

I decided to go to the Rock and Roll church service tonight to see what they do.  

6 p.m. Showed up to the church – dress to impress I must say.  Suit and tie!  The band started out with a song that seemed to be a song of secular radio.  I was really mad over that one.  I did not know any of the worship songs that they were doing. The drums were loud and the guitars sounded like I was at a Rock concert.  This is just plain evil.  This church and these people are not being godly.  

The pastor got up and started talking about Jesus like he hangs out with him daily.  I don’t like the way he sounds like a person off the street.  That isn’t the type of language my bible sounds like.  KJV only I must say.  I couldn’t stay for the whole sermon because I was so mad at what he was saying about how everyone there needs to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  He didn’t even talk about the Old Testament and the way the Law puts it.  I am glad I don’t go to this church and everyone you should not either.  

10 pm.  I finally got in the bed with my wife so that we could talk for about 10 mins.  We didn’t get to talk much today so I told her all about the church and how bad it was and then told her I needed to write on my blog and give a daily update.  

11 pm.  Now I am going to sleep good night.

Ok so this is my opinion of what a modern day pharisee would write.  I read many blogs out there that just bash other churches and pastors.  It gets on my nerves.  All I have to say to you pharisees out there is STOP IT and GET A LIFE!  If the church would come together and start being the church that Christ wanted it to be then we could reach out and the church in America would start to grow.  I know some churches are growing but it is people like this modern day pharisee that is causing the whole church problems.  


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good thoughts man…good thoughts!

Comment by dustinahkuoi

Nailed it, bro. Nailed it!

Comment by Matt

Very nice sir…

Comment by Matt Beasley

That was money dude…what a creative mind you have…i have to say that is prob exactly what a Pharisee would sound like…i will be praying for your adoption situation…love ya bro!!!

Comment by Matt Beasley

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