Revival Tuesday and Wednesday Recap
May 1, 2008, 11:05 pm
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Tuesday Night Set List

  1. Awesome is the Lord – Chris Tomlin
  2. Salvation is Here – Hillsong United
  3. Your Blood (Nothing but the Blood) – Matt Redman
  4. Center – Charlie Hall
Tuesday night was one of the hardest nights for worship.  We didn’t see to connect with the people as much and in turn did not connect to God as much as I would have liked.  We did worship but I felt like people were distant from it though.  I think one of the problems though was because of song selection.  A lot of the people that were there all of the songs were new to them (I know they do need to turn on Christian radio a little more.)
Wednesday Night Set List
  1. Mighty to Save/Shout unto God – Hillsong United
  2. Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) – Chris Tomlin
  3. I see the Lord – good question but I am going to go with Isaiah 6 on that one.
We had several things in the intro where the band played along with them but it wasn’t really what we had originally planned.  It was good but a little long so we had to shorten our worship set up a little. I thought it went really well.  Everyone knew the songs and everyone was singing out.  I thought Shout unto God may have caught people of guard. Oh well, I like to shout out to God!  Then the last two song went great.  I really enjoyed singing I See the Lord.  There is something about singing scripture.  I even had to take off my sandals because I didn’t want any pride to get in the way 🙂  I loved the message.  It really challenged me.  
God moved in some amazing ways this week.  He used Charles Moses greatly.  I love listening to that man because he is so funny and he straight up brings it!  He isn’t scared to uses words that communicate better to this day and age.  He isn’t scared to tell you like it is.  He isn’t scared to get in your face.  He just speaks what God gives him.  Good stuff Good times!  I hope though this revival (which these days is just a name for a gathering of churches in the south) leads to a great REVIVAL (God coming down) in this community.  I hope people in these churches that were here go out and be the church in a world that is in need of Christ!  

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