Fostering to Adopt?…What?
April 21, 2008, 10:16 am
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Here lately I have been in the book of James studying and God has been challenging me.  Several weeks ago, I was reading James 1.  Then God jumped off the page at me when I read James 1:27.  I showed it to Hannah and she was like yeah ok.  She understood it but it didn’t jump out to her the same way.  Then Hannah and I went up to Summit Church for a ministry conference.  It was really good.  Dwight Smith straight up brought it. In the middle of him talking about the Church’s need to reset it’s default and become missional, he started talking about James 1 and how he and his wife have adopted kids.  I was like what the crap!  What are you up to God???  As soon as Hannah and I got into the car I asked her the question?  What did God say to you today?  She said “We need to Adopt.”  My response was “I was afraid you would say that because God told me the same thing.”

We went to visit our parents up in North Carolina that day and we told my mom.  She was really supportive.  She said “have you thought about Fostering to Adopt.”  We were like ????????  We have never thought about that.  Plus Hannah and I had always planned on having our biological children first then adopting later.  I guess God laughed at us when we told him our plans.

Got a phone call from Austin Porter and I told him the news so he would pray for us.  He said “have you thought about Fostering to Adopt?”  Again we were like ok what is happening here because 5 mins. before that my mom said the same thing.  So he gave me a number of a friend that works for DSS that he went to High School with and said just give her a call and see.

Later that night we were playing wii with both of our parents and we told Hannah’s parents.  What did they say?  “Have you ever thought about Fostering to Adopt.”  WOW!  God is up to something so we decided that monday we would look into it.

Our prayer through all of this is God open and close doors if this isn’t your will.  Monday the door was wide open and it has been wide open ever since. Everyone we have told has been all for it. (I personally think it is one of the crazy things ever.) So Hannah and I are now in the process to be Foster parents.  We will see what God does next.  Please pray for us though.


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Dude, that is so awesome. Sarah (my wife) and I have been looking forward to adopting one day. It’s been on our hearts as well. I had never thought about fostering to adopt. It seems like such an amazingly beautiful thing. I will definitely be praying for you guys. God is having is glory and love made manifest in your lives. Praise the Lord for your willingness to follow him in those scarey times!

Comment by Jack Turner

Always here for you bro! I can’t wait to see what God does through you and Hannah as you prayerfully move into this new season of life. Keep me posted & let me know how things develop for you…

Comment by Austin Porter

Thanks guys. Your encouragement really means a lot.

Comment by dustinwilson

Hey, Phil Baily’s daughter here – as adoption is near and dear to my heart, I had to send a comment. I think it is awesome that you and Hannah are looking into this! God rearranged our plans, too, but we’re so glad now that He did! If you haven’t already, check out Congrats! Heather

Comment by Heather Cooper

Our willingness to do anything that God wants us to do will bust heaven’s wrath on the gates of hell and will unlock our greatest blessings!

Comment by Eddie Smith


Thanks so much for the encouragement. We are very excited.


Thanks. We are so excited. God is blessed by our willingness to do whatever he says.

Comment by dustinwilson

How cool is that? Michelle and I are wrestling with some of the same things you and Hannah are. We’re beginning to talk and think about foster parenting and perhaps adopting out of that.

Comment by Matt Rampey


God keeps confirming that this is for us. There is a huge need for foster parents. We are 2/3 of the way through with the process. We are excited!

Comment by dustinwilson

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