Golf Tournament
April 15, 2008, 10:05 am
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What a day!  Yesterday I head up a golf tournament to help raise funds for South Carolina Wesleyan Youth Camps this year.  It was a really good turn out.  We had 39 golfers.  We raised about 2,500 dollars (I am still counting everything up though so it may be more!)  Everyone seemed to have a great time and I think this year was a great building block for the future.  We are planning on having one next year for sure!

5 reasons why I think people should do Golf Tournament fundraisers

  1. People love to play golf.  (Golf is being played all over the U.S. and overseas.  Young or old, male or female, bad or good, people are play the game.)
  2. It is easy to put it together.  (Doesn’t take to much time if you have a lot of people on board helping you.)
  3. The day of the golf tournament runs smoothly and doesn’t really require much work.
  4. It brings in money!  (There is a lot of tournaments that have been going for years around my area and they pull in a lot of money.  I think we will get there one day!  Maybe next year!)
  5. It is fun and people will continue to support it.  (Everyone had fun yesterday and I have no doubt in my mind that they will be back next year.  They will probably bring more people with them.)

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