Learning from James (Part 1)
April 8, 2008, 10:41 am
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Here lately I have found myself in the book of James.  I love this book.  God is speaking to me in so many ways.  Here is what he is teaching me so far…

  1. James 1:2-3: This isn’t easy. When I go through times of trails (which I have been through several),I I need to find Joy in it because I am being tested for my faith.  I tell the teens all the time that if we are having persecution done to us (in what ever way) then that is good because Satan isn’t happy with what we are doing for God!  
  2. James 1:5-8: I lack wisdom a lot and verse 5 shows me that I continually need to seek God for his wisdom.  I sometimes find myself doubting and I need to stop! If God is involved and in control of my life why should I doubt? 
  3. James 1:12: I want that crown of life! I want to stand before my trials and win!
  4. James 1:19-20: Sometimes I am not good at this.  God is working on me with this. Mom calls it the Wilson tempter.   
  5. James 1:26-27: These verses jumped out to me.  It made me think: how am I doing to help orphans and widows?  Am I reaching out to those in need? 

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