Happy April Fools Day – Now Go Prank Someone
April 1, 2008, 10:17 am
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This is the national day of pranks.  I love it.  I have always been a person who loves to do some pranks.  My roommates and I had some good ones.  I can’t tell you about them right now because well someone may read this who just isn’t down with the whole prank idea.  It being April Fools Day, I would like to share an April Fools Day Prank that got my mom and many others really good.  In North Carolina, there is a morning radio show that is really funny and my mom use to always listen to it (she may still do.)  One year on April Fools Day, they had an idea to tell everyone on the radio that they need to take in all their remotes (which we going to stop working for some reason) and take them to their local blockbuster drop box so that they can reactive them or do something to make them work again.  My mom called my step dad and me and ask if we have heard about the news of the remotes and we said “Mom April Fools!”  Luckily she didn’t take the remote to blockbuster but I wonder how many people actually did.  (I love you mom! It happens to the best of us.) This story always makes me laugh.  What is your favorite April Fools Day Prank? 


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Your poor mom! Youth is now Soul Glo ministries. It seems to be going well, i’m not able to go very often because I have so much homework and stuff to study for in college. Mom goes every week since she is the female youth sponsor and I try to go if I can. Mom is going with them to New Orleans for a missions trip this summer, so that should be interesting she has never done anything like that. Ya’ll need to come visit soon if ya can!

Comment by Ashlee Frank

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