Revival – Sunday and Monday Recap
April 29, 2008, 10:32 am
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I have been leading worship at the area revival down here in South Carolina which is being held at my church.  It has been going great.  God has been moving through the Church.  Charles Moses is the speaker and he is straight bring it. 

Here is the run down.

Sunday Night it was a packed house.  I think the excitement was up and everyone was singing out once we got into the worship set.

Sunday Night Set List

  1. Lord, Reign in Me – Brenton Brown
  2. Sing to the King – Bill Foote
  3. Solid Rock – Public Domain
  4. Amazing Grace (My chains are gone) – Chris Tomlin
  5. Give Us Clean Hands – Charlie Hall
Attendance wasn’t as high but I think people listened to the message and it hit home with most.  Everyone was singing for the most part but they weren’t as into it as on sunday night.
Monday Night Set List
  1. Awesome is the Lord Most High – Chris Tomlin
  2. How Great Thou Art – Stuart Hine
  3. Mighty to Save – Hillsong
  4. How Marvelous (I Stand Amazed) – Chris Tomlin’s Version
I can’t wait until tonight.  I know God is going to show up and change me and change the church in this area (or that is at least my prayer.)

Drifting by Andy McKee
April 24, 2008, 10:24 am
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This reminds me of August Rush.

My Golden Birthday
April 23, 2008, 9:26 am
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This is a tradition that we can think Joan Bramsch for.  

Don’t really have any big plans for this Golden Birthday of mine.  To me it is just another birthday.  

As I look back on the 23 years of my life.  I think it has been a good one.  My health is good.  My wife is the best.  We are entering into a new step in our life which I am excited about.  My family is great.  I have some great friends.  I work at a great church with some of the best students ever.  I am excited about what the future hold for me.  How ever long God wants me here I plan on enjoying it.  I plan on serving God.  I plan on living life to the fullest with my wife, family, friends, and whoever else is up for it.  

Happy Birthday to me!  

Conversation with one of my students
April 22, 2008, 9:17 am
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Yesterday I was having a text messaging conversation with one of my teens about Fostering.  They were really excited about it.  I was telling them about what was going on in my head then and how I was really excited and scared at the same time.  Their response was amazing. Check it out…

Me:  I’m excited/scared/thinking this is the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

Student: It is said that the greatest things in life are those that are scary.  No great moments in a person’s life can take place without fear for if it is not scary then it is not great.

Me:  That is pretty profound.

Student: Thanks but it is not me who is performing the profound thing it is you.  Through this act of life the child and yourself will be changed for the better.  That is the most profound noble act that a human being can embark upon. The life and soul of one of God’s beautiful creatures lies in your hands,that not my words are profound.

I don’t know about you but those words really impacted my life.  It was so cool to see a student that I minister to every week ministering me and lifting me up.  Like I said I am really excited but also a little scared but the excitement makes up for me being scared.

To Pastors.  Are you letting others minister to you????

Fostering to Adopt?…What?
April 21, 2008, 10:16 am
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Here lately I have been in the book of James studying and God has been challenging me.  Several weeks ago, I was reading James 1.  Then God jumped off the page at me when I read James 1:27.  I showed it to Hannah and she was like yeah ok.  She understood it but it didn’t jump out to her the same way.  Then Hannah and I went up to Summit Church for a ministry conference.  It was really good.  Dwight Smith straight up brought it. In the middle of him talking about the Church’s need to reset it’s default and become missional, he started talking about James 1 and how he and his wife have adopted kids.  I was like what the crap!  What are you up to God???  As soon as Hannah and I got into the car I asked her the question?  What did God say to you today?  She said “We need to Adopt.”  My response was “I was afraid you would say that because God told me the same thing.”

We went to visit our parents up in North Carolina that day and we told my mom.  She was really supportive.  She said “have you thought about Fostering to Adopt.”  We were like ????????  We have never thought about that.  Plus Hannah and I had always planned on having our biological children first then adopting later.  I guess God laughed at us when we told him our plans.

Got a phone call from Austin Porter and I told him the news so he would pray for us.  He said “have you thought about Fostering to Adopt?”  Again we were like ok what is happening here because 5 mins. before that my mom said the same thing.  So he gave me a number of a friend that works for DSS that he went to High School with and said just give her a call and see.

Later that night we were playing wii with both of our parents and we told Hannah’s parents.  What did they say?  “Have you ever thought about Fostering to Adopt.”  WOW!  God is up to something so we decided that monday we would look into it.

Our prayer through all of this is God open and close doors if this isn’t your will.  Monday the door was wide open and it has been wide open ever since. Everyone we have told has been all for it. (I personally think it is one of the crazy things ever.) So Hannah and I are now in the process to be Foster parents.  We will see what God does next.  Please pray for us though.

Golf Tournament
April 15, 2008, 10:05 am
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What a day!  Yesterday I head up a golf tournament to help raise funds for South Carolina Wesleyan Youth Camps this year.  It was a really good turn out.  We had 39 golfers.  We raised about 2,500 dollars (I am still counting everything up though so it may be more!)  Everyone seemed to have a great time and I think this year was a great building block for the future.  We are planning on having one next year for sure!

5 reasons why I think people should do Golf Tournament fundraisers

  1. People love to play golf.  (Golf is being played all over the U.S. and overseas.  Young or old, male or female, bad or good, people are play the game.)
  2. It is easy to put it together.  (Doesn’t take to much time if you have a lot of people on board helping you.)
  3. The day of the golf tournament runs smoothly and doesn’t really require much work.
  4. It brings in money!  (There is a lot of tournaments that have been going for years around my area and they pull in a lot of money.  I think we will get there one day!  Maybe next year!)
  5. It is fun and people will continue to support it.  (Everyone had fun yesterday and I have no doubt in my mind that they will be back next year.  They will probably bring more people with them.)

Learning from James (Part 1)
April 8, 2008, 10:41 am
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Here lately I have found myself in the book of James.  I love this book.  God is speaking to me in so many ways.  Here is what he is teaching me so far…

  1. James 1:2-3: This isn’t easy. When I go through times of trails (which I have been through several),I I need to find Joy in it because I am being tested for my faith.  I tell the teens all the time that if we are having persecution done to us (in what ever way) then that is good because Satan isn’t happy with what we are doing for God!  
  2. James 1:5-8: I lack wisdom a lot and verse 5 shows me that I continually need to seek God for his wisdom.  I sometimes find myself doubting and I need to stop! If God is involved and in control of my life why should I doubt? 
  3. James 1:12: I want that crown of life! I want to stand before my trials and win!
  4. James 1:19-20: Sometimes I am not good at this.  God is working on me with this. Mom calls it the Wilson tempter.   
  5. James 1:26-27: These verses jumped out to me.  It made me think: how am I doing to help orphans and widows?  Am I reaching out to those in need?