Things I love about South Carolina
March 26, 2008, 3:43 pm
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I blogged about what I miss about NC and so people may get the idea that I don’t like SC.  If you think that you are wrong because I really do enjoy living in SC. Here are the things I love about South Carolina 

  1.  The people – Hannah and I have made a lot of friends down here.  They are some of the coolest people.  I really enjoy being around them.
  2.  Church –  To be over 100 years old, Welcome Wesleyan Church is going in the right direction.  I really have enjoyed seeing this church refocus on what God has called us all to do.  Which is love God, love others and share Christ.  The church is making an impact on the kingdom of God in a positive way and I love being apart of it.  
  3. Landscape – SC is beautiful state.  South Carolina has mountains and beaches, so you have to love that.  The lakes around here are really clean.  I went scuba diving last year and I could see down like 20 feet.  That is really good for lakes.  They also have beautiful rivers around where we live.  I went Kayaking down one of them this summer and it was so beautiful.  The waterfalls around here are very pretty too.  Hannah and I haven’t visited all of them yet but we plan on going to more this year.  I love the area where we live and I think a lot of other people do to because people are always moving into the area.
  4. Gas prices/tax – I know that is some weird things to love about a state but when I go home I see the difference.  SC is one of the cheapest states (if not the cheapest) on gas.  I also fuel up in Gaffney before I cross over into North Carolina.  Tax down here is cheaper that North Carolina and that is always a plus.
I know I only listed 4 things that I love about South Carolina but we have only been living here for 9 months so we are still learning things we love about it.  

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I was glad you wrote about SC also because everytime we talk you say how much you love SC also and that you love your church and your job. I have received several e-mails from you and I quote, “I Love My Job”. I can tell you and Hannah are very happy and are doing good work for the Lord right where you are. You have told us several times that this is where the Lord has called you both. Mom

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