What I miss about North Carolina
March 25, 2008, 10:19 am
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Let me start off by saying I really like South Carolina but there just isn’t any place like home and there never will be.  I love North Carolina and I wanted to put together a list of why I miss North Carolina.

  1.  Family – It is hard being away and I have an awesome family back in North Carolina.  My family lives really close together and I use to ride over to grandpa and grandma’s house to eat (cornbread and milk! – I love it!) I really miss my family back home but I get to see them from time to time and that is good.  I also get to talk to them a lot.  We get to go home this weekend to see my family! It is my nephew’s birthday party and he turns 1 so it is going to be fun.
  2. Hannah’s family – I miss them really bad too.  They are really interesting, funny, and so focused on God. The family also sings a lot and it is some of the best harmony I have ever heard and I love listening and singing along with them.  We are going to get to see them this weekend too.
  3. Friends – I went and spoke in NC 2 weeks ago and I got to hang with some of my best friends.  We use to hang out all the time.  We played basketball at the church like every saturday and also after church.  (This is why I was in shape back then.)  I miss all my friend back in NC.  They are some of the greatest people.
  4. NC Food – SC doesn’t have a lot of the food that I love. I will list a few:  Rockola – (They have the best cheese fries and ranch dressing! Hannah and I always get it when we go home.) Sir Pizza – This is the best pizza on the earth.  Very fattening because of the grease but makes you want to smack your mama it is so good.  BBQ – Hannah and I have been to few BBQ places around here but none of them come close to NC BBQ.  Back home I lived 10 mins. down the road from Lexington, which in my opinion and several others is the BBQ capital of the world.  Family meals – my grandma can cook!!!!!! (Mom is still learning but I still love her.  She can fix the best grilled cheese sandwiches though.)  Hannah’s mom and grandma can cook!!!!!  I miss all those meals.  I love me some food and NC has some good food that is for sure.
  5. North Carolina Basketball – This state is by far the capital of college basketball.  We have some of the best basketball teams in the Nation.  I love me some Tar Heel basketball. (They are doing really good in the tournament! Go HEELS!)  Down here in SC, basketball isn’t as big of a sport but they are crazy about Clemson Football.  I miss getting everyone together to watch the basketball games.  March Madness is sad down here because I don’t have many people to watch the games with me. 
Well that is my list so far.  I may blog about some more reasons why I miss NC in the future.  
Please note:  I do like SC and we are fitting in here pretty well.  I love the people down here. 

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Hi Dustin, I laughed a little at you missing NC when you are so close. But I guess it’s a long way if you are ‘homesick’. I’m from SC and I live in FL but I’ve been here so long that FL is my home now but one day I’m going to live in SC again.

Anyway, it was a sweet blog. I hope you get to go home a bunch.


Comment by leostitcher

Sir Pizza – Absolutely!!
BBQ – Only in NC

Comment by Jon Brady


I love NC also and we miss you alot but we see how well you have fit in at your church and the people love you down there and also you are doing awesome things for the lord. We miss you to and need to get down there a little more before I have a Dustin attack. By the way, your mom can cook anything that anyone else can but does not choose to cook that much. I am cooking more now than before you left. I guess I got burned out when I first got married and lived in Raleigh by ourselves. I cooked alot back then -even had the family down for dinners. I also cooked when we moved back from Raleigh when Tiff was small but I guess I got burned out and now I am a clean freak. Need to get out of this though. I need to cook for you more……. love, mom

Comment by mom

Oh one more thing, with you and Tiff so much age difference and both playing sports at different parts of the world, it was very little time to cook and keep everything somewhat clean so we ran to and from both your games and ate in between. Both of you played so many sports and seemed like they never stopped. Just an excuse for not cooking so much. ha. ha. Do need to do better now though….but you are gone boo….

Comment by mom


You are fine. I love it when you cook. I remember how busy we were. I love you.


Comment by dustinwilson


Cook Out? Ever been.
That’s my NC favorite.

Sir Pizza- greasy squares eaten in a dimmly lit room. The BEST!!!

Comment by Phillip Modlin


I am not really homesick because I am pretty close and get to see my family more than most people do.


I do like Cook Out. They have some good shakes but not as good a local restaurant in my hometown called “Dixie Express.”

I love me some Sir Pizza. I am going to be eating there Friday. We have where we are going to eat planned out before we go home because we don’t get to eat at our favorite place much.


Comment by dustinwilson

Dustin, if you want a taste of home you should try Michael’s Pizzeria in Easley. Kristie’s step dad is from NYC and swears that they have the closest pizza to NY that he has found. It’s family owned and is very clean. They also have incredible cheese fries.

Comment by Hank

I’m all the way in Vancouver, WA, how do you think I feel?!

Comment by Stephanie

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