Mind Games and Satan
March 24, 2008, 10:08 am
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In youth group we sometimes play mind games like Snaps, Green glass door, etc.  They are really fun for me at least because I know what is going on.  For my teens however they sometimes get so mad because they can’t figure it out.  Some of them get really mad because a few have figured it out and they still can’t get it.  On that note though sometimes I have mind games going on in my head.  Satan tries so hard to bring me down.  He is always telling me that I am not good enough.  He seems to trick me into thinking that I am not doing it right.  Sometimes I can’t figure his mind games out and it really brings me down.  Sometimes we just need help and guidance from others.A lot of the mind games that we do in youth group I wouldn’t have picked up on unless my friends didn’t help me.  They told me things to look for.  Sometimes when satan is playing mind games with me, I just need to turn to a close friend for help and for some encouragement.  What mind games is satan playing on you?  Find someone for help and guidance through it.  I know Jesus is there for us and he also wants us to be there for others.  1 John 4:21 Loving others means lifting them up in times like this.  I am here for anyone who needs it.  I know I also have friends out there that are there for me when I need it.


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That is great! It is all very true! Hope you are doing well! We miss ya!

Comment by Ashlee Frank

I miss ya’ll too. There is no place like Denton, NC.

Comment by dustinwilson

Very true – satan is always there to try to destroy
God’s work. You are doing a great job. I know you have been there for the family and alot of friends several times. Just shows that age does not matter in God’s work. you have been a big help to alot of people much older than you.

love, mom

Comment by mom

Thanks mom. This is very encouraging. I love you.


Comment by dustinwilson

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