Winter Retreat in NC
March 18, 2008, 12:01 pm
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This weekend was great.  I love hanging around Bullpen Student Ministries.  Those teens are really cool to be around.  Kris is always great to hang out with. I love the guy.  Almost everyone there were passionate about following after Christ and making an impact in their schools and homes.  

We went through a series that God placed in my heart called “Dirty.”  It was really good, we talked about the dirty deeds that we have done and have had done to us. We also looked at the dirty little secrets that we try to hide from God like sex and lust.  Then on sunday I challenged them to get in the world and reach out.  I think the teens really enjoyed it and God really moved throughout the whole weekend.  

I made it back in time for youth group sunday night.  I had to drive 4 hours on 3 hours of sleep from the night before.  It was hard but I wouldn’t have done it any other way.  I really enjoyed speaking there and I am glad that God called me to go do that.  Maybe I will do more of this in the future. 



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