Women in the Ministry???
March 4, 2008, 2:42 pm
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I hear it all the time.  Jokes about women and how they need to stay in the kitchen.  Which is funny for a little while and then it gets old.  I know some people don’t really mean it but others do. I love my wife and she is now the children’s pastor at our church.  I know God has called her to this and that she is going to do some great things for the Kingdom of God and already has.  Some people don’t like the idea of a woman as a pastor and I want to say “Get over it.”  God has used women to spread His story throughout history.  I know He will continue to do so too.  Look into the book of Acts and you can see how women were used to help start the early church.  Look at others throughout the Bible and you will see some were great leaders. Some women weren’t that good in the Bible but then again some men weren’t either.  So many times people try to throw the Apostle Paul’s words against women in the ministry.  All I have to say is read the context of the passage before throwing Paul’s words around.  You need to know the background and how women were viewed and treated. Now we are living in a time where woman are leading different areas.  I think it is great.  If you look into most churches, you will see women leading most of the ministries. Now if you come to me about this whole deal you need to know what it is that you are talking about.  Also know that I will probably tell you to “Get over it” because I believe that women are called by God to pastor his people and reach out to others just as much as men are.   


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Good post… I agree with most of what you are saying, but wanted to clarify one point…

The Bible has NO problem with women who “pastor His people and reach out to others just as much as men are.” Neither should anyone who is wanting to adhere to a Biblical standard.

The ONLY prohibition expressed about women in regards to ministry has to do with the PRIMARY roles of leadership within the church (teaching men, having authority over men) – 1 Timothy 2. That is NOT a Biblical deacon or Children’s Pastor, or worship leader… it’s an elder in the church – the primary leaders.

It doesn’t fly to say that, “Now we are living in a time where women are leading in different areas” so therefore we should take off any and all constraints on leadership roles. That’s allowing culture to dictate our governance of the church (a bad idea in ANY culture) instead of allowing the Bible to dictate how we govern the church. Paul’s argument in 1 Timothy 2 is NOT a cultural one, but based in the creation account and the manner in which the deception of man and woman came about in the beginning. That goes WAY BEYOND culture to the unique and valuable ways that God created us as men and women.

Comment by Carey


That is what I get from a lot of people but if you study the context of what Paul is saying you will discover that:
1. Women in Ephesus were not educated and Paul had just given them the opportunity to learn which they had not previously had (1 Timothy 2: 11).

2. Many of the women were being deceived by false teachers and if given the opportunity to teach would not have taught Godly things. In Verses 13 and 14 of Chapter 2 in 1 Timothy, Paul gives an analogy. He says that Adam was formed first and then Eve. “Just as Eve had been deceived in the Garden of Eden, so the women in the church were being deceived by false teachers. And just as Adam was the first human created by God, so the men in the church in Ephesus should be the first to speak and teach, because they had more training. This view, then, stresses that Paul’s teaching here is not universal, but applies to churches with similar problems.” (The Life Application Study Bible. Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale House, 2005.)

Leadership, in any form, is supported in the Bible. Look at Pricilla, who taught the great teacher Apollos about what he was doing wrong (Acts 18:18-28). Look at Phoebe whom Paul sent with his letter to the Romans and commended her for her leadership (Romans 16:-2). Look at Mary Magdalene, Joanna, & Suzanna who were part of Jesus followers, included with the disciples, and who helped to fund Jesus’ ministry (Luke 8:1-3). The list goes on and on… Why would God allow women to be deacons, Children’s Pastors, or worship leaders, and not elders (assuming you mean Senior Pastors or denominational leaders) when he allowed them to lead in His word?

We need to stop focusing on fighting this stupid battle and work together to reach ALL people for Christ! “Get over it!”

Comment by dustinwilson

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