Why I’m in Youth Ministry Today
February 27, 2008, 3:09 pm
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Growing up my mom always said I would do something with my life to help people.  When she use to say that, she was thinking more on the lines of a fireman or policeman.  She may have miss what profession I was going to go into but she didn’t miss what I was called to do.  I have always had a heart for people.  In fact, I have had many encounters in my life where I had to give counsel to people.  I never would have thought I would be the one giving counsel.  Oh but God had different plans.  This started as and observation from my mom . Now the question is why I’m in the youth ministry today?  The answer to that is God and people.  God called me to this and here is how it happened.  
I grew up a pretty normal kid.  I did ok in school but I didn’t try my very best the whole time.  In high school though I had to kick it in gear and work really hard (I mean really hard. I had a learning disability that I had to work with).  In my 11th grade year of High School I accepted Christ as my savior and started to live for him.  Before then I was just a “good christian”, who went to church because my family went and I knew the difference from right and wrong but I really didn’t get Christ very well.  There was a lot people who really impacted my life to get me to realize that I needed to get my life straightened out.  I will name a few:  My family (especially my mom, mystep dad and my grandparents), my first youth leader (who saw so much in me), my old baseball coach (this guy went to my church and was real with me), and one of my best friend Jonathan (He is the one who really lead me to Christ because it was our talks late at Huddle House, which brought me to thinking about God and my life).  Then after I started living for Christ I found a different church which I would grow in Christ in.  The church was Denton Wesleyan Church.  At this church I really became involved in the youth group and many different areas of the church.  The senior pastor, Charles Moses, he lead me through discipleship.  He showed me things that I didn’t know needed to be fixed and how I need to live. His son Josh Moses really showed me how it was to be a follower of Christ and not be fake.  My best friend Chad James got plugged into Denton with me and we really grow in Christ together there.  The youth pastor there at first was Scott Simmons (He is the head of the youth department of the Wesleyan Church now.) and it was through watching him that I started dreaming of one day being a youth pastor.  Of course, I was like no I don’t want to be that because I wouldn’t make much money and my mom told me that too.  (That is funny to look back on).  Then Charlie Collins moved to the church and really impacted my life.  He let me lead worship and lead small group times.  This is where I really began to grow in my leadership.  So then I went to a youth convention in 2003 in Charolette, NC.  It was there that I experienced something I never have experienced before.  God revealed to me that I was called into the ministry.  So after I got back I told my family and they were supportive and I decided to go to Southern Wesleyan University to study for the ministry.  Wow! SWU was a different place.  Mostly for the good. I have never really been in a Christian school before but I really enjoyed meeting different people and dreaming together with several.  It was there that I started to date my wife Hannah.  We knew each other before SWU but we started really hitting it off there.  I really owe a lot to her because she has been a follower of Christ for a long time and I was just a young Christian and she taught me a lot.  She still teaches me stuff and I am sure she will continue to.  She is a great woman of God and is a great Children’s pastor.  I love her.  (She reads this!)  Kris Leroy was Hannah’s youth pastor back home and I meet him the summer I accepted Christ.  The summer after my first year at SWU, I decided to do an internship with him.  It was great.  I  got to lead youth group a lot.  He taught me all different types of things.  He showed me how God can use some goofy guy like me to impact students.  He has been my mentor ever since. After being at SWU for 2 years I ran into Matt Smith and started to help him at the church that I am at now.  He really showed me a lot and allowed me to dream with him.  I really enjoyed hanging out with him.  He left the church in 2007 and I took over the youth pastor position in June after he left.  It has been great so far and I really enjoy this church.  Warehouse students are some of the greatest students in the world.  
I know this is a super long post but this is a walk through how I became a youth pastor.
I owe everything to God and the people that helped me along the way and continue to help me now.  
Teenagers need people that they can turn to that are strong followers of Christ.  I want to be that person.  I want to impact their lives like people did for me.  I want to be used by God to help spread the gospel of Christ into teenagers lives and the lives in their homes.  I want to be used by God to reach the ends of the world.
How is God calling you to impact the world? 

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