Southern Area Minister’s Conference
February 12, 2008, 9:42 pm
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Wow what a day!  I must say that this was an interesting experience for me.  I have been apart of this for several years now at SWU but only as a student.  Today it was different.  I was now apart of the ministers.  I must say that I was one of the youngest there though.  I love listening to older pastors who are passionate about sharing Jesus with the world.  Today I heard several who had that passion.  I hope that when I am their age that a young guy like me will say the same thing about me.To those of you who may be in the ministry that don’t have that passion.  You need to get help or get out.  God wants ministers who are on fire for him.  Not just ministers who fill positions in churches.    Lead the Movement with Passion! 


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I was just checking out the comments and was also looking at the one where you went to the pastor’s conference. Pastor Charlie Collins went also and commented Sunday on the experience. He had two pastors sitting accross from him at the table and one was discussing a split in his church which resulted in 350 going to 70. The other pastor commented on his congregation going from 70 to about 270. Just accross town from each other. They were both sad and wanted prayer because one had a split in the church and the other church inherited the ones that left from the split to his church. Both requested prayer to hope all congregation would get on fire for God and not cause problems in the churches. He had a wonderful time at the conference and said this can happen to all churches and ask us all to pray for our church and all our people. He also spoke on alot of Christains claim to be faithful to their church but said that they were counted faithful if they went 3 out of 8 Sundays. He ask us how would we feel if our wife or husbands were faithful 3 out of 8 days or our cars would crank 3 out of 8 times we went to start them. How do we think God feels when we go 3 out of 8 Sundays and count ourselves faithful. Great Sermon for us all. I love my church…….

Comment by mom


Denton is a great church and I am glad that you and Tony are there. I love you both and want the best for all of us.


Comment by dustinwilson

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